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  • Share Capital: € 100.000.00
  • REA Code: RE 244576
  • VAT Code: IT 02022330357
  • Turnover: € 1.000.000,00
  • Employee: 8
MP Intralogistic srl manufactures electric vehicles for logistic since 15 years.The complete range of products includes towing tractors, platf orms for ground picking or picking at 1st level, electric scooters and hospital bed tractor. Electric vehicles are studied to drive inside/outside on fl at fl oor; the towing/loading capacity is from 200 Kg. to 4000 Kg. (it depends on the models) Electric tractors are used to tow trolleys and roll-containers, to feed production lines (Lean Production / Kaizen philosophy) and thanks to the small dimensions they are suitable to rive also on small courses and att ics.Electric platf orms are suitable for transport of special goods or for picking and transport of single references up to 1st level (if equipped with ladder or electric abin). Electric scooters are the best solution to move persons on large surfaces (general stores, big factories, airports etc) Additional to standard machines, MP Intralogistic is structured to study and produce special vehicles in accordance with customer’s requirements.All vehicles are duly certifi ed in accordance with EC 42/2006 regulation, they are powered by electric hermetic batt eries which do not release fumes during recharging cycle. Th e fi elds of application are many : automotive , electrical supplies, logistic platf orms, food and beverages, fashion, medical, hospitals, airports, railway stations … are just some examples.